VILLIANY AFOOT AT HELL’S HILL!! This would be the headline of the nightly local news and newspapers should the people of Tennessee actually care about the pre-born. I read about upcoming events, such as “Pro-life Woman’s Day on The Hill” sponsored by Tennessee Right to Life in March, and it absolutely SICKENS MY STOMACH!! LIARS […]


A phrase that is common in our home is “remember who you represent”.

If you were to be raised in the Cooper household this would likely be one of the last things you would hear as you were dropped off to spend time with friends, family, go to a football game, or even a church activity. What we are asking of our children is that they keep in mind that every action they do, or do not do reflects on the Cooper name. Every conversation they engage in tells the world about the standards and values that we, as the parents, have instilled in our children. The way our children hold themselves, the kindness they show to others, the respect they give to authority figures, all of these are calling cards for the Cooper family.


     It is easy for Christians to hyper focus on one aspect of our walk and to ignore another. Suffice to say there are certain things that our personalities will more easily relate to than others, and our nature is to cling to those while disregarding the things that are a struggle for us. […]