The internet is full of idolatry.


A virtual pseudo universe full of fast moving pictures and ideas, some designed to tantalize and some designed to mindlessly entertain. Others still designed to expand the mind. It is a dangerous balancing act we as Christians embark on every time we log in and burn these displays into our minds, often with little or no thought as to the identity and character of the men who created them. I find myself asking some questions, namely:


In my online pursuits am I consciously redeeming the time because the days are evil?


How do I, and CAN I, use this medium righteously for God’s glory?


Am I affecting the world around me for the better, or rather am I being infected my online endeavors?


Social media is probably the most pervasive online pastime, that when used improperly, often manifests itself as sin. Billions and billions of people are building monuments to themselves.

The vain selfies and the incessant updating of every little deed one does during the day is just one area in which social media has become THE light which exposes the narcissism we all seem susceptible to falling prey to when left unchecked.


Social media has birthed in our generation a sense of entitlement to be heard. Many have developed the idea that they hold some superior wisdom and insight, they know what is best and they know how to fix world, they have discovered the chief end of man and they are posting it on Facebook! (Perhaps even with a witty meme.) The compulsion to share this wisdom with everyone who will read it if not met with accolades and “likes” result in feeling slighted when their contributions aren’t properly recognized.


You may know this feeling; you make what we think is a good argument on any given topic and then if someone fails to applaud what you feel is an important point, you feel disregarded and overlooked or otherwise unappreciated.


Unfortunately, along with the bravery that comes with the anonymity of a keyboard and a screen that enables people to pour out their hearts to anyone who will read it there are other issues that have come from this form of communication. Namely, it has become far too simple for the reader to disregard other people and simply scroll past them. We can just ignore someone or “unfollow” them without necessarily having the intent to hurt them and not even realize the person has interpreted our aloofness as contempt. I have seen this first hand, especially dealing with older folks who are working in this digital age. They take the absence of empathy towards their feelings and invalidation of the thoughts they have expressed much more harshly then the younger generation who are so familiar with the “swipe left and forget” way of ignoring folks.


I think that people often look to online relationships and social media experiences to fulfill a desire to be important and validated that frankly we aren’t going to get from other people.

What we need is to learn to be content with the fact that GOD knows our hearts and minds and that He cares for us!


I am ashamed that too often, even though I know full well that I hold the attention and love of the most powerful being in the Universe, it just doesn’t seem enough. I also want the adoration of other worms like me. Most of which despise everything I stand for and the God I am left on this Earth to represent!

How immature I still behave!


We as ambassadors of Christ should be mindful of the way we behave every time we log in and we need to be often checking ourselves.


Am I representing Christ well in everything I am doing?

Am I trying to get folks to look at me and honor ME with what I am about to post, or is my purpose to glorify the Lord?


If you are a born-again believer, you are bought with a price. Your life is not your own. EVERYTHING that we do should be to the honor and glory of our King and savior!


Here is a very good list of standards of behavior for how one ought to behave on social media. Read this and apply!



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